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We provide a wide range of precision machines from Rambaudi such as RAMBAUDI 5-Axis CNC Vertical Gantry Mill and RAMBAUDI H60L 5-Axis CNC Vertical Overhead Gantry Mill. Take a look at our wide selection of new and used Rambaudi equipment for sale.


Machining Centers, Vertical, Bridge-Type, CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Travels X/Y/Z Control Btw Columns Options 
27825 Rambaudi5-Axis Bridge 1987 314"/177"/60"Fidia C-20177"Retrofit 2002View >  
27827 Rambaudi5-Axis Bridge 1987 315"/177"/60"Vega MLM CNC177"Retrofit 2002View >  
Mills, Bridge & Planer Type, Manual & CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Capacity Table Size Milling Heads HP 
26935 RambaudiRamspeed H60L 2002 106"/236"/39"Not AvailableNutating Head63 HPView >  
27824 Rambaudi5-Axis Bridge 1987 315" x 177"157.5" x 472.4"2-Axis Rotary54.6 HPView >  
27826 Rambaudi5-Axis Bridge 1987 315" x 177"157.5" x 472.4"2-Axis Nutating54.6 HPView >  
Tooling & Accessories
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year     
24871 RambaudiMilling#508.5 HP50-3000 RPMView >  
24872 RambaudiMilling#5011.5 HP40-3000 RPMView >  
24918 RambaudiMilling#50None50-3000 RPM11.5 HPView >  
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